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>> want to? >> what? >> let's do this over. do you want to do it over? even. i'm bret baier in washington. this is a "fox news alert." moments ago, muammar gaddafi vowed to continue fighting. in remarks seen here broadcast from the capital city of tripoli in direct violation of the security council resolution, gaddafi promised supporters they would be victorious against the rebels and the international forces. this as president obama promised to hand over the lead of the mission in libya to allies in coming days. insisting in a news conference moments ago in el salvador, "we will continue to support libya, but he will not be in the lead." national security correspondent jennifer griffin takes a look at the mission
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status so far. jennifer? >> reporter: hi, bret. i just got an understanding about what the new command will likely look like when the u.s. transitions to what will be essentially a nato, plus arab countries. h isep model used in afghanistan as it's described to me. we understand the u.s. and france have come to a late agree in the the last few hours there is now no discrepancy between what france wants and what the u.s. wants. the president we understand is culting short his visit to latin america. he plans to transition. i'm told we can expect a transition of command by this time next week. the headquarters likely to be at a nato headquarters in naples, italy. the f-15 fighter jet went down at 11:33 monday evening local time according to u.s. marine officials. the two airmen ejected safely after an apparent malfunction
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of the jet. other pilots in the air at the time say they did not see enemy fire. seven u.s. military aircraft were launched from their bases in the mediterranean to take part in the recovery. two u.s. carrier jets flew cover for the mission and defense officials confirmed dropped two bomb to separate the pilot from suspected enemy approach. the downed pilot was back on board two hours after rescuers launched from the marine ship. the second airman landed in opposition held territory and hid in a sheep tent. this man says he was shot by a u.s. military jet that strifeed his field. as the weapons officer went down. but says he bears no grudge. they helped rescue the airman. they confirm shots were fired adding the crash and the rescue are both now under investigation. >> reporter: meanwhile, coalition forces launched 25
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tomahawks overnight and the cost for the war keeps mounting suggesting the pentagon may need to ask for a war supplemental from congress. the cost to date $240 million for tomahawks missile. $31 million for the f-15 jet that crashed. u.s. officials say gaddafi and his forces are still not in compliance with the u.n. security council resolution and must pull out of three cities including adjabia. >> we told them it's a withdrawal. establish water, electricity and gas supplies all areas and allow humanitarian assistance then the fighting would stop and our job would be over. >> reporter: with gaddafi vowing to fight on in a statement from libbia, it appears he's still in breach of the security council resolution 1ed 973. that means coalition forces will continue. we understand last night was the first night in which there were no u.s. planes used in
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the no-fly zone they will be transitioning out and handing over nato command i'm told by this time next week. >> bret: much more with the panel. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. we just talked about the news conference in el salvador, where the president just wrapped up. he was asked numerous questions and said the american people will know about the cost of the administration. he said they will provide details but we're confident this is something to budget as far as the overall operations. he said the american people have interest where brutal tick tater shows no mercy. we have capacity under international sanctions to do something about it. it's in america's national interest to do something, that does not mean we can solve america's problem. amid the largest military conflict, there are many personal stories of courage and loss.
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rick leventhal is on the ground in northeastern libya with that story. >> this video was taken from a cell phone that locals say belonged to a soldier in gaddafi's officer who dropped the phone after recording a rocket attack on the town. fox news can't verify the authenticitity of the footage. >> we don't have water or nothing. we can't find anything to eat. >> he says his family escaped as gaddafi's army moved in. it's now the front line. opposition fighters are speeding there in pickup trucks equipped with machine guns and antiaircraft weapons. ambulances speed in the other direction, toward the hospital. rebel leaders say four of the men were killed and seven wounded today. >> when people ask who the rebels are, who are the
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rebels? >> they seek their freedom. they seek nothing. they are not al-qaeda and propaganda. they are not taking drugs they are honest people from all over the country. they seek their freedom. that's all. >> is this a civil war? >> this is not a civil war. as you can see, everybody is united. we have one enemy. >> that enemy has been weakened. the road from benghazi is littered with a charred wreckage of gaddafi's tanks and other military vehicles destroyed by fighter jets enforcing the no-fly zone. >> everybody will try to support us to save our souls. we thank them very much. >> then this man who lost his home gave me his scarf as a gesture of gratitude to the west. eastern libya, rick leventhal, fox news. >> bret: steve harrigan is live in tripoli. we have just gotten word of
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the video of muammar gaddafi addressing some crowd in tripoli, vowing they will be successful in this fight. you know anything about that? or where it may have happened? >> trying to find out more about that. this is a developing story. colonel gaddafi appears to have just given a live address here in tripoli at his compound a short time ago before thousands of his followers. keep in mind that compound is site of repeated missile strikes to raise questions whether colonel gaddafi himself is a target. of course, the supporters in the capital say the coalition is trying to assassinate gaddafi. really in a snub at the international community and show of bravado before the follower he is stood in the come pound addressed thousands. ly" stand here with you, the
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typhoon war jets don't frighten me. we will fight the bat to the end. we are going to triumph." so gaddafi hasn't been seen in several days, just on the telephone now appearing before thousands of followers in the compound that has been targeted. >> bret: steve, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton as we look at the video just told abc she believes or the u.s. believes that gaddafi may explore exile options. that does not seem to jive with what he is saying and doing in front of the crowds. any sense of different messages from the u.s. about the libyan leader? >> we are not getting that vibe from government officials here in tripoli or gaddafi himself. it might be true. but the message from the inner circle, from the sons, and from everybody involved this is a fight, a long fight, a fight they will win.
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there are question marks about his ability to communicate, is he on the run or in hiding? now after showing himself in front of thousands of followers in front of the building that has been hit repeatedly. we have had strikes tonight. he is out there and we hear the antiaircraft fighter and attacks coming in. gaddafi in the capital before thousands of followers at his compound. >> bret: steve harrigan live in tripoli. we'll head back for details. secretary of state added that gaddafi may be exploring excite options but unclear if he is serious. the protest in the middle east inspired crackdown in the far east. that's later in the grapevine. first, illegal immigrants posing as marines and impact on border strategy in the u.s.
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>> bret: the u.s. border patrol captured 13 illegal aliens disguiseed as american marines entering the u.s. just east of san diego. correspondent william la jeunesse has details tonight. >> reporter: bret, they were seen in uniform driving what appeared to be a u.s. van with u.s. government plates. now they were stopped at the border patrol checkpoint at interstate 8, about 30 miles east of san diego. they noticed something odd on the license plate. the o had before altered to look like an 8. they pulled the van over. all inside were marines camouflageed dressed and none had military i.d. the photos have been -- rather, the plates had been stolen. the marine corp air base a few weeks ago. the van, allegedly from a california resident. the mexican nationals are
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holding three more witnesses and two u.s. troops are being arrested for smuggling. they would not confirm that they confiscated additional military uniforms staff, and numerous velcro name tags with the name "perez." i spoke tohe marine corps and homeland security officials and they say this is a new and dangerous development that suggests that the drug smuggling organizations stepped up their game and could use this kind of attack tick to gain entry, sense of location and more successfully with people and enable the investigator service is handling the investigation. >> bret: we'll stay on it. thank you. back overseas now, opposition leaders in yemen are dismissing u.s. backed president offer to step down by the end of the year as "another political maneuver." correspondent janet reno -- correspondent reenah ninan
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examines this. >> reporter: in a desperate attempt to stay in power offered to leave office by january 2012, following parliamentary elections but the opposition rejected the offer saying he needs to leave now. >> [ inaudible ] he should give this country a peaceful future. >> reporter: the agency is reporting that the president said he is inviting them to discuss the situation. yesterday, key military and diplomatic figures defacted. using the same strategy as human mubarak in the final days said he would like to leave but worry the absence will lead to a civil war. "whoever wants to come to power through a military coup will not succeed," he says. "i will end up in a zil war, a bloody war. u.s. official familiar with the situation in yesmen says the clock is ticking for
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yemeni president and he does not have much time left. the u.s. invested millions of dollars fearing that al-qaeda in yemen will have a stronger footing. they want them to give up the shoulder-fire surface-to-air missiles fearing they will end up in the wrong hands. in syria, justice ministry building were set on fire. despite a illtary cordon where five people were killed by security forces. cell phone building was also burned. middle east analyst say the recent military intervention by western country in libbia, but the humanitarian grounds set a precedent. similar dilemma may present itself with syria and yemen in the near future. in jerusalem, fox news. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. you are looking at a libya tv broadcast, what is said was a brief address by muammar gaddafi before supporters at the same encampment, the same
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headquarters headquarters in tripoli that was bombed with british missiles earlier in the week. now, in this address, gaddafi as you see here is on a balcony talking to supporters, denouncing the coalition attacks. he told the supports, "in the short-term we'll beat them in the long-term, we'll beat them. we will beat them." we will continue watching this story here on "special report" with live reports from mike emanuel and james rosen. stay with us. [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity, turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi, you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information, and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked. protecting your social security number,
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♪ ♪ >> bret: after days of set-backs, workers at japan's stricken nuclear plant has hooked up emergency power lines to all six reactors. a senior u.n. atomic agency official says the complex is still emanating radiation, but the source of that is still unclear there is also a concern about
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a lack of information from japanese authorities. as workers battling to cool the nuclear reactors faced rising temperatures around the core of one reactor. starbucks ceo howard schultz in the u.s. reconsidered his position on the healthcare law, which was signed in to law a year ago tomorrow. schultz supportered the law last year but now tells the "seattle times" the employer requirement imposed "too great a pressure on small businesses." in part two of a three-part series, chief washington correspondent jim angle looks at the law's impact on medicare. >> half the reduction in the number of uninsured would come from expansion of medicaid, healthcare for the poor, by producing 16 million more people in the program. >> under the current law, our texas medicaid program will expand by 65%. >> the states pay a share of medicate and they're already struggling. >> 21% of shave's budget right now -- virginia's budget
4:22 am
right now. it used to be 5% a couple of decades ago. medicaid for virginia has grown 1600% in the last 27 years. >> he says the new healthcare law will push it up to 28% of the budget. in texas, it will be even worse when the medicaid expansion hits in 2014. >> it will be 46.6% of the entire state budget. that means that we're spending nearly 50% of our state's budget on the one program. >> leading the state with ugly choices, either cut program such as education or raise taxes. >> we can't print money, we can't go on the massive unsustainable debt like the federal government is doing. >> the cost of medicaid is shared by the states and washington, but for the first few years of the expansion, the fed's pick up the tab. >> 100% of the cost of the newly eligible medicaid recipients for period of three years and gradually that cost-sharing decreases to a high of 90/10.
4:23 am
>> but there is a problem. the new law requires everyone to have insurance or pay a fine is a lot of people already eligible for medicaid who had not signed up will now be forced to, in order to avoid fines. analysts call that the woodwork effect. meaning, people will come out of the woodwork to get back up. and for that group, the administration gives no additional money. officials seem to recognize the problems. >> we are committed. to working with governors. to help them manage their medicaid costs. their medicaid programs. >> there are lots of ideas about how to make the law for flexible without them, the governors say they have no idea how they'll pay for it in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> the iconic incon december scent lightbulb -- incon descent lightbulb is due to be phased out. some lawmakers are looking to appeal the law which molly henneberg is reports is fueling the debate on the size of the federal government.
4:24 am
>> is this the way about to go the way of this? some republicans on capitol hill hope not they want to overturn legislation passed in 2007 and signed by president bush requiring all 100-watt incan inn december sant lightbulbs be 30% fuel efficient. senator rand paul says it's "insulting" for the government to tell consumer what is light bullen you can buy. >> you don't care about my choices or the consumer, frankly. you raise the cost of all the items with all of your rules, all your notion. that you know what is best for me. >> the cost will be higher. 100-watt incan desant costs 60 cents. csl costs about $3.40. but since they last longer,
4:25 am
the industry supports say it will benefit consumer. >> operating costs over time is cheaper and they keep money in your pocket they'll still buy the technology but it won't be the same as today's technology. it will be more efficient. and it will result in lower energy bills. >> president obama has praised companies that are developing more environmentally friendly lighting technology. >> model of the future right here. this is how we'll win the future. >> one of the house g.o.p. opponents of the legislation says families don't want to pay more for light. >> it's not necessary and we don't think it makes any economic sense at all. >> barton also says cfls pose a health risk, because they contain small amount of mercury. if one breaks the environmental protection agency has a list of clean-up instructions, including get people and pets out of the room. air out the room for five to ten minutes. shut off the heating or air conditioning system. put all bulbs, debris and clean up materials outside in a trash container. and the list goes on.
4:26 am
you can still find the traditional incan descent bulbs on some store shelves for now. the last plant that made them in the u.s. moved the operation to china in september. bret? >> glenn: molly, thanks. more on this with the panel. stocks were down today. the dow lost nearly 18. s&p 500 slipped 4.5. the nasdaq gave back eight. following the libya story, secretary of state hillary clinton would not say to abc whether the u.s. is confident that gaddafi will be removed from power, saying i don't want to make any predictions because we are taking this one step at a time. we're back with more stories from libya and the plan ahead from libya and the plan ahead coming
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>> bret: this is another "fox news alert." libya tv broadcast an address by ruler muammar gaddafi before supporters near the libyan capital of tripoli. the same compound hit by british missiles sunday night. gaddafi announced the coalition bombing attacks on his forces. he vowed also that his forces would continue to fight and would be victimmer toes you. meanwhile, president obama is in latin america pledging to hand over the lead of the libyan operation to allies in coming days. while still trying to balance the new military operation, with the obligations to his host countries. white house correspondent mike emanuel is traveling with the president in el salvador. mike? >> a few moments ago, president obama expressed relief and pleasure that the f-15 flight crew that had
4:31 am
crashed in libya was returned successfully and safely. he also reiterated his comments that he believes commander and control of the operation in libya will be transferred in a matter of days but this is the latest example of the spotlight stolen from the trip. on a trip designed for president obama to talk about the economic and commercial interconnection between the united states and latin america, a regional security issues those themes have been largely overshadowed by the offensive in libya. >> do you have any regrets about under taking this mission while you are in foreign soil? >> with respect to initiating this action while i was abroad. keep in mind that we were working on very short time frames. after consultation with our allies. we decided to move forward. >> aides argued there are always significant issues facing the president and work on growing the economy and regional relationships were
4:32 am
very important. critics say the timing of his travel and taking action in libya put the white house in a tough position. >> barack obama isn't paying a great deal of attention at the moment in terms of advancing strong u.s. leadership on the world stage. >> ahead of the latin american tour, aides noted the region did well in the global economic crisis and brazil transitioned from world to economic power mr . obama said it was no coincidence his first stop to the region was brazil. >> together we can sad vance our common prosperity. >> experts say it was important for the president to visit the region when rivals china and iran are spreading their influence. in chile, the president tried to deliver this message. >> latin america will only become more important to the united states, especially to our economy. trade between the united states and latin america surged. >> critics point to two free trade deals with columbia and panama, which president bush pushed to ratify but yet to be completed.
4:33 am
>> it's important for the u.s. administration to push broader freedom agenda, agenda which initially barack obama hesitated to support. >> now just moments ago, the president was asked why libya is in america's strategic national interest. here is his response. >> the american people and the united states have an interest first of all in making sure that where a brutal dictator is threatening his people. and saying he will show no mercy and go door to door hunting people down. we have the capacity you under international sanction to do something about that. i think it's in america's national interest to do something about it. >> bret, we learned a short time ago the president is going to cut his latin america trip short by several hours. flying home to washington to deal with the libya crisis.
4:34 am
bret? >> mike emanuel, traveling with the president in el sal have dore. thank you. compared with the -- el salvador. compared to the unity in the regs coalition appeared fractured. but by midday, proposal from the french supported by nato could move things forward. critics say the possible ground troops in the long run could splitter coalition again. james rosen looks at whether there is an end game in sight. >> while secretary of state hillary clinton signed condolence book at the embassy, the diplomats tried to justify split in the campaign. president obama promised transfer of military demand in days with coordination to come from nato, but france leader in the campaign began demanding that the no-fly zone be managed outside of nato. >> i think what the coalition looks like, and including a structure, is still being discussed and evaluated. military analysts forsaw
4:35 am
serious complications. >> who is going to take over and be in the preeminent role? >> anybody's guess. the brits or the french and they have coalition of contributing nation to make it work. as long as the united states has a presence, we do not is up boardnate ourselves in military command and control structure to other nations. >> the question of whether france or britain, when they will take over the operation, what nato involvement will be, all of these things are unclear right now. it's rather unproductive. >> yet the problems confronting u.s. policy makers in creating a commander structure for ongoing military campaign, appeared minor compared to the larger strategic and tactical questions they faced. must the no-fly zone remain in place as long as gaddafi does? how will the allies proceed if militarily disabled gaddafi can still cling to power in tripoli. are there any conditions that could materialize to trigger reconsideration on u.s. ban on foreign forces entering libya. >> somebody has to have boots
4:36 am
on the ground and be in charge after you topple gaddafi if you do. or if you don't, fight them if running insurgency. >> in the podium speak that is the chosen language, the white house and state department officials admitted they lack a vision of the end game. >> we need humility about predicting what will happen in terms of how long gaddafi might be in power or what the next step is on the ground. >> there is no end in sight, really. >> again, this is we're talking about steps along the way. and i can't predict an end date right now. >> late tonight, french president nicolas sarkozy announced that he and president obama agreed on the means of using nato command structure to support the coalition. a vague phrase but they told me arrangement will be a hybrid with nato's command and control capabilities consumed under the banner of a larger coalition that doesn't have a big fat nato flag on it. bret? >> bret: james rosen, live at the state department. thank you. president said it's in
4:37 am
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we will continue to support the evidents to protect the libyan people, but we will not be in the lead. that's what the transition that i discussed has always been designed to do. when the transition takes place, it won't be the claim to maintain the no-fly zone. it is not going to be our ships that are necessarily involved in enforcing the arms embargo. that's precisely what the other coalition partners are going to do. that's why building this international coalition has been so important. it means that the united states is not bearing all the cost. >> president obama today in el
4:41 am
salvador talking about the operation in libya, saying it will be handed over to allies. this is as the libyan leader muammar gaddafi told supporters tonight he will continue to fight. his forces will continue to fight against the coalition. and against the rebels. this also as secretary of state hillary clinton told abc she's confident that the transition can happen to coalition allies, the lead of this mission in days. she said there are supports that gaddafi trying to seek exile and sons may have been killed in the airstrike but added evidence is not sufficient to confirm all of that. what about this? the panel, fred barnes, "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. start with you. the overview. >> this is an overspectacle that president of the united states announcing in the middle of the war that he initiated, nothing happened until he moved last week.
4:42 am
after three weeks of dithering that the united states no longer wants to be the leader. he said exclusively in el salvador, the phrase used was we'd be a player but like any other player. now this is extraordinary "a," because not just a question of status, but "b," if you are the leader you get to shape and determine the ends and the means. if we are going to be a player, who will decide whether the objective is to protect population or bring gaddafi down. we don't have agreement on what the means are. are we going to do a close air support for rebels on the ground or are we going to do protection in the air? have a no-go zone where anything on the ground can be hit? try to hit gaddafi himself? all of these questions are left to undefined new structure. which we are working out on the fly. the french have not wanted nato involvement.
4:43 am
apparently there may be an agreement. the italians demanded it. turks who were a member of nato, the prime minister is a recipient of the gaddafi peace prize. not exactly somebody disinterested in the outcome here. he has declared that turkey will oppose nato involvement. perhaps a tur irk flotilla -- turk irk flotilla will bring supplies to libyan port. this is nato in disagree, because america will not lead. in the middle of a war it initiated. >> bret: juan, we talked yesterday about the difference between regime change and supporting, preventing the killing of civilians on the ground in libya. the dichotomy between the missions. secretary clinton said to abc she is not sure if gaddafi will be removed from power. that is a different message than u.s. policy he must go.
4:44 am
>> correct. again, we come back to the starting point of this. i don't think the starting point was the u.s. action. the starting point was the u.n. resolution. then you have a and then you have a national force coalition put together. with the weaknesses implicit in having various players at the table and having the u.s. as a reluctant leader. we have capacity for commander and control. especially in terms of a no fly zone. we are in a war in another country and we have no popular opinion to be involved in another war. at the time of the deficit issues. the country is war weary. >> bret: there are questions about the commander and control ability of other allies to take care of it. >> that is why the u.s. is there. sust most powerful military in the world, without a debt. >> nothing good happens in the world unless the u.s. leads. simple as that. the u.s. is not leading. we don't know who will be in charge. that's up in the air. we don't know who will be
4:45 am
involved in this. not the u.s. and not united arab emrites. they were going to send planes from the gulf. >> bret: they might do humanitarian. >> that's not u.s. fighter jets. what is involved here? what is allowable? you have a vague u.n. resolution that talks about two things. stopping the violence and creating a cease-fire but then all steps necessary can be followed. what does that mean? what is the goal and objective and the end game? some senior administration officials said we want to create an atmosphere then where the rebels will be able to overthrow gaddafi.
4:46 am
that is not what president obama said today. what is the end game? i remember this, the statement by general douglas mccar thur, there is no substitute for victory in this case, there is it's whatever the coalition the coalition and obama are seek. we don't know what the substitute is. >> bret: let's say secretary clinton is right hearing reports that gaddafi is seeking exile though the live broadcast on libya tv suggests otherwise tonight. say that happens. this is a tribal country that deals in tribes. what happens after that? we get them to this point, going forward is there you broke it, you've got to fix it mentality of colin powell, et cetera? >> fair elaborate disarray on means and ends. if you win and get rid of gaddafi, what do you do? the dilemma in afghanistan and iraq. how do you establish democracy or even a decent government at
4:47 am
society. as in libya, where the leader spent four decades in destroying the civil society. the material is not in place. you have to be productive. if you are reluctant to enter into a war, don't go to war. if you go into a war, then you be serious about it. you try to win it as quickly as can. oppose gaddafi. if you leave him in place, we'll have a divided libya and ongoing civil war and then what dough you do? >> it's their civil war. we don't want to manage the country. we don't want to own it. we have enough issues in iraq and afghanistan. the next step is do you recognize the rebel government? you say we recognize this.
4:48 am
take humanitarian age from egypt, not u.s. from the middle east. not us. to support, prop up the temporary government. >> with that question i'm not suggesting that paul bremer will go set up coalition provisionm authority but saying that perhaps there has to be some. >> we haven't. >> we don't need -- >> [ overtalk ] >> with a no fly zone using only air power, you cannot oust gaddafi. you have to have land troops to do that. you have can't win it from the air. >> you can isolate it. we take away the oil route. >> it will produce what charles is talking about, dividing country and civil war that will go on for years. >> bret: will you start hoarding traditional light bulbs before phased out for energy efficient ones? vote in the online poll. results after the break.
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>> bret: before the break, we asked will you start hoarding traditional lightbulbs before they're phased out for energy efficient ones? 79% so far said yes. in the online poll. that's nonscientific. we're talking about the phasing out of the 100-watt incan descent lightbulb to be 30% more energy efficient. they've stop making them and now you have to go to the cfls. here is the brochure. what happens if you drop one of these things. have people and pets leave the room. air out the room for ten minutes, turn off the heating and collect materials and pick up the broken glass and visible powder, get it in a sealable container.
4:53 am
make sure that no bulb fragments are in the house. some recycling centers might not accept all cfls so check state hazardous waste authority before moving forward for several hours afterwards. continue to air out the room where the bulb was broken and leave the air conditioning and heating off. so be careful. don't drop one. we're back with the panel. an evident, fred for the republicans to overturn the law. which we should point out was passed in 2007 and signed by president bush. >> indeed. i'm disappointed i was not consulting in the poll whether i hoard or not. but i'm going to hoard hundreds of the old fashioned lightbulbs. you have kids around the house, and a lot of people do and the lightbulb breaks, what do you do? this is not the first thing athrong path. remember a few years ago when we had to ache out toilets to get new toilets so they would
4:54 am
flush smaller amount of water? then they took face fossous out of the dishwasher so the dishes didn't get as clean. then the somehower heads. they didn't want as much water coming through. now the lightbulb. this is the nabny state gone amok. this stuff, our constitution, should mean something. should have some limit on what the federal government can do i'd start with lightbulbs. >> bret: juan? >> change is inevitable. i think the industry is backing this. this looks like you had republicans and democrats that bought into this. the idea is it's energy efficient. nobody wants to drop lightbulbs of any kind. i try to avoid it. but this has mercury in it and it presents some danger.
4:55 am
you clear it after 15 minutes and back the business. >> bret: this is epa guideline. >> i'm saying what they say is give the room 15 minutes and you're okay. don't let the dog over there or something. >> bret: call the hazardous waste authority? that is different than dropping -- it's in the epa. >> that's ridiculous. >> that is reading warning on medicine. if you ever done that? i avoid it. it's scary. classic coke, hoard classic coke. but we're going to have light. no one is going to turn off the light on us. >> how many people does it change a cfr light bull? 11. one to screw it in and ten to help you with the has hazmat suit and seven to clear the small dog out of the exclusion zone of 20 miles. this is incane. if the old lightbulbs are a problem let people in the market decide. you can have the government put the thumb on the scale
4:56 am
subsidizing cfrs but let them have a choice. this is what fred is talking about. danny state gone wild. if you don't trust people in the market, trust the government. >> does it get overturned? >> yes. >> unfortunately, i'm afraid not. the industry, that makes the light bull sub for this. you know why? not because they care about the consumers, nay make more money on this. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see who will not be in the coalition in libya.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> bret: finally tonight, there has been a lot of discussion about the coalition partners involved in the libyan mission, one of the countries was trying to get in but apparently the columbian military training tapes really didn't pass muster. ♪

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